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Which Disney Princess are you based on your Star Sign?

Have you always wondered which Disney princess you would be? Well, look no further! 

Here is the Disney princess you would be based on your zodiac sign:


Aries, you are Moana! You always listen to your intuition over what anyone else tells you. You are a strong and determined leader who loves adventure. Once you have your mind set on something you don’t take no for an answer. So if anyone could make someone as stubborn as Maui do something that he doesn’t want to do, it would definitely be an Aries. 


Taurus, you are definitely Elsa! You are stubborn and strong-willed but you care deeply for the ones you love and would sacrifice anything for them. Taurus are confident and secure in who they are. You see Elsa fully embracing herself and her powers throughout the film and that is a true Taurus. 

GEMINI - RAPUNZEL Geminis love change and adventure just like Rapunzel! Geminis need new experiences, and they love trying new things and learning new skills. You make the best out of every situation just like Rapunzel did. You love communicating and are extremely outgoing and friendly. Geminis want to be friends with everyone and that is why you’re Rapunzel. 


Cancer, you are Snow White. You are considered the mom of the group because of your kind and caring nature, so you would have no problem taking care of seven dwarfs. You’re always there for your friends when they need you and are always willing to give a helping hand. Cancers are very emotional and wouldn’t hesitate to take care of all the woodland creatures just like Snow White. 


Jasmine is a pure Leo through and through. Leos have a strong personality, and they like to be the center of attention. If you’re a Leo, you’re a risk taker and you stand up for what you believe in. Jasmine scares off suitors because she is “not a prize to be won.” She is not scared to stand up for herself and follow the path less traveled to get to where she wants to go. 


If you’re a Virgo, you love learning new things and you enjoy reading, just like Belle. You can be quiet and distant but once you get comfortable with someone you can’t stop talking about your passions and dreams. Virgos can be judgemental and are quick to pick out flaws, but because they are so observant they can always see the good in everyone as well, just like Belle can see the good in the Beast. 


Anna is extremely loving and wants to be everyone’s friend. This is exactly what makes her the perfect Libra. If you’re a Libra, you’re enthusiastic and kind-hearted, which means you want everyone to feel included and happy at all times. As a Libra, you thrive in social situations and you always look on the bright side, just like Anna who never gives up hope of bringing her sister back home.


Scorpio, you are Megara! Meg is sassy and very emotional, which is a textbook Scorpio. Even though you are emotional, you are very private and you don’t show your emotions until you are ready. Just like Meg, you don’t like to show your vulnerability and your flaws. Even though it can take you a while to trust the people around you, once you do, you are fiercely protective of them and you care deeply for them.


Mulan is considered one of the strongest Disney princesses. I mean, she disguised as a boy to help defeat an army to protect China… need I say more? This is why she is a Sagittarius. Sagittarians are strong and determined. They are always focused on their journey, carving a unique path for themselves. They are also not afraid to go against the status quo when they think something needs to be done. 


Capricorns are smart and independent just like Tiana! You are driven and you love learning new things, making you a force to be reckoned with. Once you set a goal for yourself it is only a matter of time before you achieve it. You will work until you are where you want to be just like how Tiana worked hard and at the end opened up her dream restaurant. 


Just like Pocahontas, Aquarians can be closed off and appear aloof, but they are just being protective and don’t want to get their feelings hurt. If you’re an Aquarian, you know how the world should be, and you are extremely progressive in terms of your thoughts and actions. This is why Pocahontas is your princess. Pocahontas doesn’t want to accept the old ways of thinking and she believes that everyone should accept others for who they are. 


Is this really a shocker? Of course if you’re a Pisces you are Ariel. Pisces are daydreamers and are in their own world all the time. They are always dreaming of bigger and better things, just like Ariel. Ariel was not content living in the ocean and fantasized about a new life she could lead on land. Pisces also are very emotional and care about the people around like Ariel does.

There you have it! Your Disney princess based on your Zodiac sign!

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